How to upload resume to linkedin

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Useful Tips Resume should be created for each position separately. If an applicant applies for 2 or more vacancies, then a separate application should be submitted for each of them. It is important to carefully study the employing organization and the requirements for a vacant position. This will allow to indicate relevant information in the text. If the document is sent electronically, it is better to rename it with the name of the candidate and the name of the vacancy.

This will simplify the search manager and will be a significant plus. The size of the resume should be small, otherwise the letter can go to the spam folder. Often, a large amount is obtained through photography. Make a better portrait photo. Appearance should be neat and strict. Photos in a bathing suit, against the backdrop of an uncleaned room and other people not the best option. It is not necessary to specify false information. Even if due to a lie you manage to get an interview, you will not be able to hide the lack of certain skills.

When sending, it is desirable to make a postscript of 1-2 proposals in order to attract the manager’s attention. You can include only those facts that can be proved. Information must be true and relevant. It is not necessary to write negative information about the past job. Despite the basic rules of drafting, you need to find a way to stand out. Standard templates will not be able to attract the attention of the employer. The text must be alive. In the section “goal” it is important to indicate why this applicant is suitable for the vacant position. Common phrases are outdated and do not work (for example, I strive for new knowledge, I want to develop). The written text must be carefully re-read, preferably after some time. Or ask the other person to do it. This will help get rid of typos and repetitions.