How to write resume

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Experts often recommend not to add a photo to a resume. Recently, however, this rule has lost its relevance. Many employers urgently demand to send documents with photos, otherwise the candidature may not be considered at all. It is not necessary to describe the information in an indefinite form, in the form of liabilities and negative facts. For example, the phrase “worked on increasing sales” is replaced by “increased sales of the enterprise by 20%.” Instead of the words “I helped with the work on errors” it is better to use “corrected errors”.

The structure and style of the document For a well-written summary of the important structure and style of the text. A document consisting of an unformatted letter “canvas” is difficult to read and hard to accept by the personnel manager. Even if the work experience and skills meet the stated requirements, the employer is unlikely to pay attention to such an applicant.

Information must be submitted in small blocks. The title of each section should be highlighted in bold. If a photo is attached to the document, then place it in the upper right corner. Here you can download a free sample of the document and a sample of its completion. Type the text preferably in a standard font (Arial, Times New Roman). Decorate it with color fill, use multi-colored letters and lines, insert pictures unprofessional. The total volume of the document should not exceed 2 sheets. Resume Stylistics exclusively business. Phrases should be brief, but not dry. The tone of presentation is moderately benevolent. It is recommended to use verbal nouns (studied study) and complex alliances (due to the fact that). The individualization inherent in the business style is weak. It is necessary to abandon the pronoun “I” and less often use “my”, “me” and others.